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Creating & Marketing a worldwide fashion trend

Project Details:
Product Idenity, Placement/Marketing
& Brand Development

Created and Marketed one of the most fashionable Jersey Trends of the Decade, which started a pandemic of jersey wearing across the nation.


Split Jerseys

Hip-hop super star Nelly’s performance debuted the split jersey during the 2001 Super Bowl Halftime show alongside Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Aerosmith. This provided the catalyst to one of the decade’s most burgeoning fashion trends. We Created and Marketed a fashionable Jersey Trend which started a pandemic of jersey wearing across the nation. A jersey style which reinvented a fashion trend that could be worn by sports fans as well as fashionable individuals.

Split Jerseys on Halftime Show
Split Jerseys on Halftime Show
B2K - What A Girl Wants
B2K - What A Girl Wants
  • Conceptualized the innovation to revive the once-popular
    athletic jersey trend.
  • Created further concepts on the initial split concept including R&B group B2K’s Front/Back, 4-Way Jordan, and other various forms.
  • Created brand awareness to target market
  • Designed & launched online sales platform
  • Created a massive media and online buzz
  • Product Placement of Jerseys in Music Videos/Cd Covers/Concerts
  • Generated six figures in revenue in the first year of business


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