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Establishing a strong, prominent brand identity and strategic positioning is a make or break proposition in today’s cluttered world of advertising and mixed media messages. We work with clients to define, differentiate and position brands to maximize customer relevance and competitive differentiation. Utilizing entertainment as a means of marketing is an essential component of modern day marketing and a key element to communication with specific audiences.

PRODUCT PLACEMENT: We understand that strong emotions control a consumers behavior. In order to appeal to them we strategize with music video and film producers to build a blend of brand attributes, messaging points, product and signage within creative content; and find exposure opportunities that are best aligned with your marketing goals and target audiences. These mediums include feature films, television, mobile, music videos, song lyrics, video games, publications, website, and other broadband content.

ENDORSEMENTS: We assist companies in strategizing, negotiating, and executing licensing relationships with entertainment personalities who fit their brand and marketing strategy. Every brand has a story to tell, and our job is to find the narrator which will captivate your target audience. Whether it's Diddy or Antoine Dodson, the use of these key personalities will not only tell your story but it will further ad credibility & open the door into other niche markets and fan bases.


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