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Not the Weekend, The Weeknd!

The Weeknd is a 20 year old singer & songwriter out of the talented city of Toronto. Some think his desolutioned R&B style is the future of music, one of those fans is the toronto rapper known as Drake. He is featured on four(4) tracks on Drake's sophmore album titled “Take Care” and it comes as no surprise as the Toronto rapper has tweeted his lyrics several times.

With over 100,000 downloads of his mixtapes “House of Balloons” (Download Here) & “Thursday” (Download Here) he has created a buzz which has garnered him over 200,000 followers on twitter and millions of views on Youtube. The Weeknd has not yet been signed to a label, but there is a rumor that he will combine labels with Drakes label hence the OVOXO symbol in Drakes recent videos...

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